Thursday, December 11, 2008

Holiday, sunset, baboon and moon


Tomorrow is my last day of work for 2008. Yayyyyyyyyyyyyyeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! I am flying up to visit my mother in the lovely seaside town of Port Macquarie next Wednesday with a suitcase of books in tow.

Fire in the sky

We had a beautiful sunset tonight. It snuck up on me when my back was turned. I stopped on the the bridge to take some pictures of the fluffy clouds overhead (obsessed, I tells ya) and when I turned back towards the city the clouds were tinged with pink. It quickly deepened to a fiery orange. I was in the right place and the right time.

For the bibliolistophiles

I stumbled across another great website the other day for bibliophiles (and list lovers) - Flashlight Worthy. It's a compilation of lists of recommended books across 53 categories, and you can also contribute your own lists. I haven't had a good look yet - something else to put on my holiday to-do list.

Baboon in my boudoir

I dreamt there was a baboon on my bed last night, which has today got me thinking what a funny word baboon is (and every time I type it, it comes out as "baboob").

Big moon rising

The moon is looking in my window as I type this. It looks a little filmy and fuzzy from the high clouds. Did you hear that tomorrow night there is going to be the largest full moon of the year? It will appear 12 per cent larger, in fact, because it will be closer to Earth and low on the horizon.


Abbeysmum said...

I do hope you enjoy all day tomorrow, as the last day of work for quite some time.Will you still be blogging from sunny Port Macquarie ? I used to live at South West Rocks, so I know you will be enjoying a perfect climate, while you are there.

Peter said...

Hey, Peter from Flashlight Worthy here. Thanks for the mention! May your batteries always be fully charged and your book unputdownable.

Recommending books so good, they'll keep you up past your bedtime. ;)

Frisky Librarian (formerly known as GleeGirl) said...

Hello Abbeysmum. Sadly, I think it will be more a case of enduring than enjoying, although my work Christmas party tonight should be fun.

Hello Peter. Thank you. I'm looking forward to having a good wander around the site on my holidays, which start in...3.5 hours. Not that I'm counting. And gee, I'm glad I said nice things! (Not that I would have mentioned it here at all if I didn't have good things to say).

Julian said...

Yay for your last day and the holidays. :) That's a really impressive "fire" sunset shot: I don't know if I've ever gotten one that good!

Flashlight worthy books. Wow, that's kind of nostalgic because a: I haven't heard the word "flashlight" used in a very long time (memories of my childhood!), and b: I used to read under the covers with one! :)

Largest full moon of the year hey? Pity it's raining here tonight then, but I got to see the moon at almost full last night, which was good. :)

Abbeysmum said...

Just discovered a blog called Autolycus, apparently means "bogroll" articulate and interesting guy.Thanks for info on BIG moon. Happy freedom for the next weeks,hope you have a great Christmas party tonight.

Earl Riser said...

Aside from the point that I have the absoloute s#%&s with the fact you have got holidays for longer than my brain can concentrate, you have a great pic of the sunset, I like them a lot!!

Babboons in your boudoir, ha ha.
Ba boobies, I think more of the latter than the former. Boobies!!

Also a late reply to your previous posting.
Vegeterianism, and lists of things to do for `09.
Nothing wrong with setting goals, and looking ahead, thats right, it won`t all come to you. (life I mean)
I hate diets, however, to the best of my knoweledge, I don`t require one, right now.
Good luck with yours, again, it is a challenge, and that is good, for anyone.

Enjoy your holidays Miss Frisky, I am sure you will, try and get a walk on the beach at Port Maquarie, at dusk, I enjoy sunsets at the beach, they seem so special.

Jim Gaudet said...

I think it is important to stop and take the time to enjoy what the earth gives us.

excellent photos, thanks.

Frisky Librarian (formerly known as GleeGirl) said...

Hi Julian. I was pretty pleased with the fiery shot too - I never could have captured anything that true to life on my old camera. My new one rocks!

Yes, the name Flashlight Worthy does bring back memories of childhood (well, except for the fact we say "torch" here). Reading a book that you can't bear to put down for the sake of sleep is a fabulous feeling, even after you pass the stage where you have to be sneaky to do it.

It was a shame that the moon wasn't visible...but wasn't the rain wonderful? I guess we need that more than a fat moon, hey?

Hi abbeysmum. Is the blog you mentioned sub-titled ..."a snapper-up of unconsidered trifles". a google search for autoclycus returned many hits! If that's it, it's looks pretty interesting from my quick glance. Another one to check out on my holidays. At this rat I am going to be on my laptop the whole month!

Hello Earl. Maybe you should stop reading for the next month? I don't want to keep rubbing your nose in my lenghty holiday! ;)

Re the vegetarian thing, although I suppose it's considered a 'special diet', I'm not viewing it as going on a diet - more of a lifestyle change, because it's going to be about more than the food I put in my mouth. When I eventually get to it anyway...

I will certainly try to fit in plenty of beach walking in Port Macquarie and hopefully see some beautiful sunsets. No doubt you will see the photos!

Hello Jim. Absolutely. The other days I read on one of the blogs I read that nature is one of the easiest things in life to feel grateful for, and it's so true. There is so much beauty in the world.