Friday, December 19, 2008

Post card from Port Macquarie

The view from my mum's place

Hello from Port Macquarie! It's my second full day here and it's great to see my mum and her little dog Sam again.

I've been doing some serious relaxing and sleeping and have already knocked over one of the books I brought with me - the one about the Amish, which was fascinating, especially their dating rituals. On their first date they spend the night together in bed, side by side and fully clothed!

Yesterday we had a sensational thunderstorm, with huge thunderclaps and fork lightning and near-torrential rain that blew in sideways. As you can see from the picture above, my mum's house is a great vantage point for storm watching. It was awesome! We rarely get decent thunderstorms down south.

Now that's a giant freckle! Mmmmmmmmmm


Victoria said...

ooh oooh i wanna read the Amish book!!!

Earl Riser said...

Reckon you won`t eat ALL that freckle by yourself.