Sunday, March 29, 2009

All happening

It's been a big, noisy weekend around these parts. The footy's back, which drew hordes of people to the MCG, and the Formula 1 Grand Prix screamed its way to the chequered flag just the other side of St Kilda Road from my place.

Even though I sometimes have a little whinge about being crushed on a tram with sports fans or having the bejesus scared out of me during fireworks season, I do love being in the thick of things. No way would I swap it for a life in the suburbs (and yes, I have lived in the suburbs).

Today we were blasted by the sonic boom of a fighter jet flying over the grand prix circuit, followed by a couple of hours of high-pitched squeal from the Formula 1 cars, and then The Who fired up for the after-race concert.

I love the buzz in the city during a major event - even if I don't care much for the event itself, but as it happens, I am fond of both AFL and the grand prix. Yes, I admit it. I like fast, noisy cars. I find the rumble of a V8 engine aurally pleasing. I was socialised that way, having grown up with a rev head father and brother and been carted around various motor racing events in my childhood. That's my excuse and I'm sticking to it.


dam buster said...

I admit I watched a fair portion of the F1's on the TV. I also craned for a look at the various air craft doing fly overs!

Also I did go to one of the games of footy at the G. Go Blues.

It is great to have big things going on in the city. It keeps the buzz or Hum of the place where it should be.

dam buster said...

Oh - I am glad you have your blog feed working again!!

Jayne said...

I'm guessing you've read Kerry Greenwood's fiction series of the baker, Corinna Chapman, who lives in the heart of the city above her bakery?
Her characters are on the same page as you ;)

Abbeysmum said...

I love the way you have captured the surface of the water, it looks like lots of little pock marks, somewhat resembling "beaten" metal.

Frisky Librarian said...

Hi db. I watched the second half of the race when I got home, with the windows open. I like being able to hear it "for real" at the same time as watching it.

I was walking around the Tan with a friend when the jet was flying around. We had to cease talking and stick our fingers in our ears, it was that loud. But kinda cool still.

And yay! Finally! I don't know why it's come good after all this time, but I'm glad too.

Hi Jayne. Nope, never heard of the books (though of course I've heard of the author). I don't read much fiction, but I'm curious to check them out now.

Hello anneysmum. It does too - I didn't notice the water so much as the silos!

Julian said...

I think I've mentioned this to you already, but it reminds me of standing out on the balcony of my friend's high-rise apartment in St Kilda rd. watching the jets go past for the Grand Prix a year or two ago. It was rather cool.

I'm not much for watching racing (or football for that matter!), and have to confess to the guilty secret of really only finding the crashes interesting (provided no-one was badly hurt!).