Monday, May 25, 2009

And the clouds parted...

Not saturn. Obviously.

Woohoo! I saw Saturn tonight on my visit to the Melbourne Observatory. It was only a brief glimpse, but it was pretty cool.

To the naked eye, obviously Saturn is just a twinkly star, but through the telescope it looked like its true Saturny self, an orb in the middle a ring (or several rings really).

It was extra special because we didn't think we were going to get to see Saturn due to bad weather. We haven't had much rain in Melbourne lately and on the one night when I really wanted the skies to be clear, it was overcast and wet, dagnammit!

But as time passed, the rain cleared, the clouds broke up and we were lucky to get a clear view. Yay!

So, that's one more thing I can cross off my 101 Things To Do Before I'm 40 list. I've completed 15 of the 101 things so far, which doesn't sound like much, but I'm in the process of completing many other ongoing tasks (for want of a better word), such as reading 40 books a year, saving money, having a monthly massage and keeping my indoor plants alive. These things won't get crossed off until I turn 40 (about 37 months away).

PS Something very strange has happened to my blog formatting. It says it's Verdana, justified text, but it doesn't look that way to me. In fact, all of Blogger looks weird. Hoping it will come good on its own...


Jayne said...

The observatory and Saturn would have been a lovely time last night, glad the clouds cleared up for you in time!

Re the font - it's lost its bold and is slightly smaller. No idea how to fix it but you could ask Sueblimely she's a great help with blog templates and knows her onions ;)

Anonymous said...

The soup! Yeh! After an active outdoorsy winter's day; home, shower, soup. Very tasty.

Frisky Librarian said...

Hi Jayne. We were very glad too. Gleeful hand claps all round!

My formatting seems to have come good again without me needing to attend to it. Thankfully. Must

Hello Anonymous. Took me a while to twig why you were getting excited about soup on my blog! And, yes, it makes me feel warm and cosy just thinking about hot soup after a day out in the winter chill.