Thursday, May 7, 2009

A website, a book, a movie and a song

Wheeeeee! I discovered a new website about words which I'm excited to check out even though I'm not sure how much spare capacity I have left in the vocabulary centre of my brain.

World Wide Words
is the site of Michael Quinion, a UK word boffin who has written several books on words and parts of dictionaries. I haven't explored the site yet - since I found it while I was at work - but I'm keen to check out the weird words section (I've already spotted a few of my favourites) and the questions and answers section in which Quinion answers reader queries on all sorts of stuff, such as spelling, pronunciation and the origin of words and phrases.

There's also a
list of links to other word websites...I predict paroxysms of wordie delight in my future (and blogs with lists of words).

One thing...I checked out the word obnubilate which means to darken, dim, cloud over or obscure. I seem to be a magnet lately for words pertaining to dimness. Remember crepuscular, vespertine and advesperate?

Starter for Ten

I was moodling about JB Hi-Fi the other night when I saw that a book I really enjoyed a few years back -
Starter for Ten by David Nicholls - had been made into a movie. I had no idea. It was only $10 so I bought it. Something to watch while I am lounging about in my new bed on the weekend.

Midnight Rambler

Man, I love the Rolling Stones song Midnight Rambler. I'd forgotten all about it until I heard it at a bar on Sunday afternoon and I've now got it on my iPod. I am very partial to the harmonica.

Here's an abbreviated live version from 2006.

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