Monday, May 11, 2009

The Wagons West Birthday Extravaganza Road Trip Down Memory Lane (WWBERTDML)

At last, some Autumn colour

What is this WWBERTDML, you ask? And has there been a more unwieldy acronym? Whatever. WWBERTDML is a plan I am incubating for the celebration of my upcoming birthday.

It's a weekend jaunt around the south-west of the fair state of Victoria, a road trip (with a friend who owns a car, unlike me), which will take us in a loop from Melbourne, to Ballarat, and then to Hamilton, where we will stay the night. The next day, down to the coast at Warrnambool, perhaps for a spot of whale watching, and then back to Melbourne along the spectacular Great Ocean Road.

Why? How is a visit to a bunch of regional towns a worthy celebration for one's anniversary on earth? Well, you see, the "Wagons" bit in the title refers to...yes, my current favourite band, Wagons, which is about to head off on a national tour to promote its new album The Rise and Fall of Goodtown. (No, I am not the band's publicity department.) Wagons will be performing in Hamilton on Saturday, 11 July and I thought, "Hey, I could go and see them there for my birthday!"

I know that sounds stalkery and, given my thing for frontman Henry Wagons, I can't deny the plan has stalkerish overtones, but it's not just about the band (or Henry). I grew up in that part of the state and haven't visited for many years. When I got to thinking about it, I started to feel more and more like a mosey down memory lane to revisit the places of my childhood - the farm where I grew up, the little country schools I went to and the small town where I lived as a teenager.

I can't wait.

PS. My new mattress is delightful.


Julian said...

That sounds really cool, all 'round! :) Hope you enjoy it.

Stephanie said...

Fantastic photo! I love it.

The Infamous Mrs. BlueBalls said...

Everytime you talk about your mattress I want to be on mine. :)