Sunday, May 3, 2009

Teddy bed and Cookie Monster

I went out on Saturday and did my bit to boost the economy with the purchase of an Australian-made, super-cushiony cloud of mattressness. Not that I care for the economy in quite the same way as I care for my sleeping comfort...

It's seriously gonna be like sleeping on a giant teddy bear - it's even upholstered in furry material like a soft toy. It's like the offspring of Fat Cat and a queen ensemble. I can't wait for it to be delivered next weekend. I'm going to clear my schedule and stay in bed.

Speaking of furry...

I had dinner with a friend on Saturday night who told me about this amusing piece called Cookie Monster searches deep within himself and asks: Is me really monster? Poor conflicted Cookie Monster.

Those signs...

I mentioned a while back on my other blog the strange signs in Heffernan Lane in the city and said I'd post some photos on Gleeful. Here's a few of them:

Work without doing. Gotcha.

Turns out they are an old street art installation for the City of Melbourne Laneway Commissions project. They are excerpts of Greek and Chinese sayings (Chinatown is at one end of Heffernan Lane and the Greek Precinct at the other).

On a side note...have you ever detested something so much you found yourself almost liking it? I have. The word 'moist'. I've been opposed to the word for many years, but now when I see it somewhere (as in the sign above) I feel a perverse fondness for it.

Ahem. The Dude abides. I watched The Big Lebowski again the other night.


Jayne said...

Love the sound of your mattressessessess lol, very comfy!

dam buster said...

Hope you will be sleeping on cloud 9 once the fat cat mat arrives.

Urban Panther said...

We stayed in a resort last week that had a serious pillow top mattress. I mean SERIOUS pillow top. It was like sinking down into a cloud that completely enveloped your body. BEST SLEEPS EVER! We thought our mattress at home was nice, but we are now quite disappointed with it. It's too new to replace, so we are now on the hunt down for a down mattress topper that will hopefully come close to our sleeping in a cloud experience.


a work in progress said...

best movie EVER.

Frisky Librarian said...

Hi Jayne. Yes, indeedy.

Hey db. Hehe. Me too. What is so special about cloud 9? Why isn't cloud 10 the best?

Hello Urban Panther. Sounds like heaven. A mattress topper sounds like a good solution. A friend bought one last year and she loves it.

Hey AWIP. Yep. Think I'm going to have my own personal Coen Brothers festival.