Monday, February 8, 2010

Let's play blog tag...sort of

See what I got? Whee. Bill from Billablog bestowed this award on me, which is very kind of him. I'm very chuffed. Thanks Bill.

The way it works is that I now have to share with you seven interesting things about myself, and then tag another seven bloggers to do likewise. 

This is actually harder for me than it sounds because I've done one of these things on here before and also I'm a relentless oversharer in cyberspace (to wit: more than 12,000 tweets on Twitter in less than 12 months...), so I'm not sure I will be able to dredge up anything that's new, much less interesting.

But here goes:

1. I often feel out of step with people because I just don't seem to care about a lot of the same things they do. Like wine. Alcohol in general, really. And getting drunk (then regaling my workmates with the tedious details). The  Spring Racing Carnival. Fashion. Designer clothing. The Biggest Loser. Having a huge TV. Fake nails. Nightclubs. What's cool and what's not. The zealous pursuit of cleanliness. Women's magazines. Twilight. Celebrities. The list goes on... But I don't mind.

2.  I'm not a very girly girl (but you can probably tell that from my photo). I plan never to grow my hair long again.

3.  I'm convinced my laptop is a sentient being. And it hates me (but I'd hate me two if I punched myself in the hard drive and broke it).

4. I swear way too much (which will not be news to anyone who follows me on Twitter).

5. I'm having hypnotherapy to help me complete my allergy elimination diet. I was sceptical, but it seems to be helping (well, one week in, anyway). Hypnosis made my brain tingle. For serious.

6. I've been a sleepwalker for most of my life, though much less so in the past five years. I still regularly do stuff in my sleep that doesn't involve getting out of bed and walking around - like turning my laptop on or fiddling with stuff on my bedside table. (No, I've never sleep e-mailed/texted/tweeted, but I did once ring my office by accident and hung up when I realised.)

7.  I'm addicted to Twitter. It's so simple and streamlined and not bogged down with lots of useless nonsense like some other social networking sites. I love being part of a network of Melbourne people (even if I haven't met most of them) and I also get a buzz out of seeing news on there before it hits the mainstream media (although my non-Twitter friends are probably getting sick of hearing me say, "Yeah, I heard it on Twitter".)

And now I'm supposed to bestow the award on seven other bloggers...I know it's bad, but I never do this bit. Feel free to tag yourself or - better still - list for me seven random facts about you in the comments. Or how about listing in the comments seven bloggers you think deserve the Beautiful Blogger award. 

1 comment:

Bill said...

With you on just about all of 1. I enjoy a drink but don't have a lot of time for intellectualising about it.

Big TVs are cool though.