Thursday, February 25, 2010

So much excitement!

So much stuff to look forward to! I love this time of year - it's Moomba in a couple of weeks, which brings big crowds, ski jumping competitions, colourful carnival rides and fireworks to town. It can be a bit lame but sometimes they have good bands playing for free and I like the atmosphere. It's great for taking photos too.

Then not long after Moomba the Melbourne International Comedy Festival hits town, which also brings a nice buzzy atmosphere to the CBD. I love the Comedy Festival - who doesn't like to laugh? -  although flicking through the festival guide makes me a bit anxious because there's so much to see, but only so much time and money...Decisions, decisions.

In the more immediate future though....I only found out today that The White Stripes' documentary Under Great White Northern Lights is showing in Melbourne for three days only, starting tonight! How did I not know this? I found out from a friend who doesn't even like The White Stripes.  They're one of my favourite bands and Jack White is one of my celebrity crushes. (Yup, I likes the pasty, dark-haired, kooky ones...) I'm going to see the doco after work tomorrow night. Can't wait.

AND! AND! I also have a date on Sunday. Ooooh. It's just a casual drinks thing with a boy from Twitter. Twitter is ace! 

Saving the best for last...

The most exciting thing is that I'M GOING TO NEW YORK CITY IN MAY! Aiiiiiieeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! OK, I haven't booked anything, but I'm on the brink of shelling out the money and I've ramped up my savings.   

It's super exciting, but also a little scary because I'm not well travelled and I'm going all on my lonesome. I can't wait around for a travelling companion to come along...

I'll be going for two weeks. Please feel free to offer me any advice on what I should see and do.


Ludwig said...

Wow. I love the Comedy Festival too. I'm so glad that you've picked yourself a destination and a date (the landscape kind - not just the Twitter one!:) but you need to jumpstart your travels somewhere - and you'll be fine. US is a big place - lots to see, geographically it is as varied as Florida, to Nevada to Alaska. But just starting small, N-Yawk is also pretty good - I just did all the cheesy sites such as Greenwich Village, Wall St. Central Park, Empire State Building, Statue of Liberty etc. - so iconic but all so essential viewing.

Abbeysmum said...

Woo Hoo !! May will be a nice time to be in NY weather wise. You can organise your Visa waiver on the net, you MUST have your number for immigration.We flew V Australia and everything was fantastic,big clean plane, obliging staff, snacks, food,good movies, roomy seats etc. You must get some comfy shoes, the trick is to find some good ones that are not daggy,(time consuming) and wear them in a bit, so start looking now.How exciting, the time will go so fast.