Tuesday, February 16, 2010

A loss equals a win

You may have seen on my other blog that the tree outside my window was cut down yesterday. Normally tree-felling wouldn't be a source of glee, being a fan of trees, as I am, but the absence of said tree gives me a virtually uninterruped view to the horizon from my bed.

And not just any old boring horizon, but the bit of it where the sun comes up. I reckon it's pretty damned special to be able to watch the sun rise from your third floor flat, so close to the centre of a sprawling city, without even getting out from under your doona.

Last night I left my blind up when I went to bed so I would be woken up by the golden sunshine. I got up, took a couple of photos, then pulled the blind down and went back to bed for an hour.

Yes, sunrise was 7.00 am, generally considered a quite respectable hour to be up, but not by me. I do really like being up around sunrise on the rare occasions when it happens, but I don't need to get up that early on a work day and I'm too chronically tired to get up - and stay up - just for the sake of it.

I can also see the Nylex Clock from my bed. I wish they'd hurry up and repair the bloody thing so that if I'm lying in bed at night and feeling curious about the time or temperature, I just have to lift my head and look out the window (well, after putting my glasses on). If the Powers That Be are reading this, GET ON IT, ALREADY! It's been forever.


dam buster said...

oh what joy to be still in bed at 7am.. I am on the early shift so have been rising at 6am the last few weeks.. Only good thing about it is you finish work at 4pm!

Kellyansapansa said...

What a beautiful way to wake up!

Andrew said...

I don't think the clock will be repaired in the near future. Nylex is in liquidation or similar. We can see the clock from here. I was so excited when it was renovated and turned back on.

Jayne said...

Fab photo and what a way to wake up!
Ditto the Nylex sign but not holding my breath.