Saturday, February 13, 2010

A new(ish) friend and big birds

(Taken from very far away so doesn't really convey their bigness)

This morning I saw my osteopath for (most likely) the last time before he moves with his wife to Canberra. I've been seeing him at least monthly for the past five years and had struck up quite a rapport in that time. I saw him more often than I saw a lot of my friends after all.

So I'm sad that today was the last time I will see him. Going to the osteo just won't be the same without our chats and his sense of humour,  plus he's always been really good at squeezing me in if I need a "tune up" (as he calls it). You can just tell the guy really cares about his patients.

I was hoping we might stay in touch, but didn't want to be the one to suggest it in case going from a practitioner-patient relationship to being friends wasn't appropriate. But he told me to look him up on Facebook so...yay!  I have a new (old) friend.

Big birds

As I was walking back from the osteo, I saw a pair of very large birds soaring above the top of the new sports stadium. As they flew directly overhead I saw it was a pair of pelicans. Not a rare bird by any means, but certainly a fairly rare sight in the skies around where I live.

For a bird that looks ungainly and even comical on land, they were very graceful in flight as they made wide circles of the area almost until I reached home. 


Kellyansapansa said...

Pelicans are just beautiful in flight - great picture!

chrome3d said...

New friends are always good to have. A big yay for you"

Andrew said...

I often see pelicans at Albert Park Lake, between one and three. I would guess that APL was where they were coming from/going to.

Dina said...

I'm glad he asked you to be his Facebook friend. That's very sweet. I hope you become friends...well, real friends, and not just Facebook friends.

Jayne said...

Pelicans always make me smile.

Frisky Librarian said...

Hey Kelly. Thanks. They certainly are. There's something wonderful abotu seeing a large bird in flight.

Hi Chrome. They are indeed. Thanks.

Hello Andrew. Really? Maybe they aren't that rare around here then - I just don't pay attention! They might have been heading to the lake but that were having quite the reconnoitre in my neighbourhood. They circled around and around around.

Hi Dina. Yes, real friends would be better.

Hey Jayne. Me too - something about their boggle eyes.

Erin said... you FB your doctor, but you don' t FB your "friends." Frisky, I'm crushed. =P

Frisky Librarian said...

Hi Erin. Did you send me a request? I wouldn't have rejected you! I don't really use FB much - I log in every now and then to check it, but I've never searched for people I know and friend requested them. Most friends I have on there are people who sought me out. Feel free to send me a request (if you can find me!)