Saturday, April 2, 2011

Balloons, sore face, goats and rabbits

Hot air beerloon (haw haw) floating past my flat

I was pleasantly startled by the sight of a hot air balloon looming large in my toilet window when I got up yesterday (the red one below). It was much closer and larger than it seems in the photo (which I took from my bedroom window. I know I say I take my camera everywhere, but that doesn't extend to the WC). I saw the beer-glass-shaped one above when I got back to my room to get my camera. I love where I live.

The other one

The sun has been rising close to the same time as me lately, so my flat was drenched with golden light when I got up yesterday. It's a lovely way to start the day.

I went to see David O'Doherty last night. He's the Irish comic who sings amusing ditties while playing a toy-sized keyboard on his knee in between bouts of straight stand-up. I loved it. My face hurt from laughing (that's happening a lot lately. Yay!). It was funny and quirky, smart and silly, and he has such an appealing stage persona - he's very natural, self-deprecating and obviously loves what he does. He didn't want to leave the stage! He went off and came back on twice, completely ad libbing stuff before finally leaving.

All that and it was at the fabulous Forum Theatre!

My friend and I went for dinner afterwards and I dunno how we got on the topic, but we were talking about mohair and where it comes from (yes, really) and to confirm it comes from goats, I googled it and...LOOK AT THIS GOAT! Hahaha. Crazy goat! It's an Angora goat...but wait...doesn't Angora come from rabbits? So I googled that and LOOK AT THIS RABBIT! IT'S A FLUFFY CUSHION WITH A FACE! (Speaking of fluffiness, I now know some knitting terminology - knitters call the fluffiness of these wools the 'halo'. Don't say my blog is not educational, orrite?).


a work in progress said...

that rabbit is hysterical! bwahahahahhaaa! :D

shadesofgrey said...


Love your work with this blog - beautiful pictures and very inspiring!


Shelley L. Snyder said...

Those pics were so cute - loved the rabbit! I'm a knitter, so I enjoyed you little piece of knitting trivia :o).