Sunday, April 24, 2011

Easter fun: part 1

I am having a delightful Easter break so far. Comedy, countryside, cuddles, chocolate. C is for awesome.

Thursday night Luke and I went to yet another comedy show - this time Ava Vidal, a UK comic, who was funny, often in a 'that's a bit wrong, but hahahaha' way. I liked her.

On Friday we headed for the Mornington Peninsula for the day. It was breezy and cool, but sunny. Luke pointed out landmarks from his youth and the tiny, ghostly silhouette of the city in the distance.

We stopped at Mornington for lunch...well, breakfast for me and second breakfast for Luke (mmmm...bacon).  

Then we kept going all the way to Cape Schank, stopping for a little meander along the picturesque beach at Sullivan Bay, near Sorrento. Did you know Sullivan Bay was the site of the first attempt by Europeans to settle what is now Victoria in 1803? I didn't. The 467 settlers included 299 convicts, including an 11-year-old John Pascoe Fawkner, who in 1835 became one of the founders of Melbourne, and convict John Buckley, who escaped from the settlement and lived with Aborigines near Geelong for 33 years.  All that remains now are four settlers' graves.

Cape Schank

We stopped again at Gunnamatta Beach where the wind was blowing a gale and whipping up the surf, then headed on to Cape Schank. We walked all the way to the bottom of the boardwalk onto the rocky beach.  The rocks are dark grey and black when wet. Basalt?

The waves were so strong that when the water receded, it dragged rocks - and not only small ones - back into the water. The sound of rocks tumbling over each other was quite loud. Luke skimmed stones on the sea and then found me a nice, perfectly symmetrical rock to keep as a souvenir (I've got into the habit of doing that).


We drove back through the countryside, which is hilly and very pretty. We listened to old cassette tapes in the car - Billy Idol, Eric Clapton, The Muppet Movie soundtrack and Transvision Vamp. Remember cassettes? We're so retro. Luke sang along but I couldn't remember the words (except to Rainbow Connection).

Speaking of music, Luke made me a two-CD 'mix tape'. It's good. I've been listening to it all day.

Last night I went to another comedy show with friends - Mark Butler's Grammar Don't Matter on a First Date, an hour of very funny stand up about pedantry and dating. It was great...kind of like a meeting of the Fellowship of Pedants (only funny).  We got to decide which grammar errors justified breaking up with someone and to pick out the grammatical errors in popular songs. I was the first to point out that Devo should sing 'Whip it well", instead of "Whip it good". *smug face*. He had us sing the grammatically correct version too.

I went with my friend Paul and the mother-to-be of his first child (they are no longer together, but remain friends). I'd never met her before. We got along really well. We worked at the same suburban law firm and have similar musical tastes (and she's a pedant too).

Today I'm having a lazy morning before heading to Ikea. Tonight I'm off to see my final show of the Comedy Festival - Daniel Kitson. Tomorrow I'm heading out to the sticks to visit my adorable nephews and eat corned beef for lunch. Wooh!


Shelley L. Snyder said...

Sounds like you had a great day! Loved seeing your photos. There is so much beauty in Australia!

dull boy said...

sounds like a great day out...i used to surf at cape schank in my younger years, now even the thought of carrying a surfboard up those stairs makes me feel tired.