Saturday, April 30, 2011

The joys of autumn and cheese

Leaves, leaves, leaves! Look at this pile of leaves! Luke and I came upon it on Caroline Street in South Yarra today and we had to kick them up and jump in them. We tried not to spread them around too much because it looks like a resident has spent some time sweeping (or more likely leaf-blowering) them into a pile. Childishlly gleeful, but considerate, we are.

It was an absolutely stunning autumn day today. Just bee-yootiful.  Luke and I walked up to the Arts Centre to see the musical Next to Normal (the one I got excited about a month or so ago) and the green grass of the King's Domain was glowing in the sunshine. So pretty.

Next to Normal was very good. Not as emotionally affecting as I was expecting, but the cast was talented and the music was enjoyable. 

I made a delicious gluten-free Mexican meal on Thursday night - chicken enchiladas with avocado salsa. Simple, quick, tasty. But then it's hard to go wrong with cheese, eh? Mmmm, cheese.

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