Sunday, April 10, 2011

More comedy, young, warm ears

My friend Luke and I saw Irish comedy-rock group Dead Cat Bounce on Friday night at the Spiegeltent. (My third visit!) It was a spontaneous choice, but a good one. They sing funny songs in the style of an 80s cock rock group. We both liked it. I think the first song  - about the impact of Reagonomics told using the characters from Wind in The Willows - was my favourite.

I had a friend visit this weekend and she showed me some photos from our 20th high school reunion in November (which I obviously didn't attend). I couldn't believe how old some of them look! Old! I admit I felt quite smug about not looking my age.

I bought some furry ear muffs yesterday. My ears get very chilly when I'm walking to work on cold winter mornings, so they should fix that problem. I almost hope we have some frosty mornings this week so I can wear them. (I will post a photo of me wearing them another time.)

You know what's ace? Kissing. Kissing is ace.

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Margaret said...

Oh now you have let the cat out of the bag, haven't you....woo hooo, details later ?

that was some "word verification" !