Sunday, June 19, 2011

Inner urban grit and gardens

I walked into the city this morning and caught a train to the very multicultural and rather...gritty inner western suburb of Footscray. I've been through there on the train many times, but I've never stopped there. I thought it might be a good place for some photos of old signs and urban decay.

My exploring was cut short because I started to feel unwell, but I did get some good photos of old signs. This is my favourite:

For your convenience, fresh made Darrel Lea chocolates and candies.

Here's a couple more:

Trocadero Arcade

It's been a long time since Melbourne had 6-digit phone numbers

Carpet City...something

I detoured through the gardens just before I got home and took a few photos there too.


I'm always surprised to see a bee in winter.
Strange flower, too.

Dead head

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