Saturday, June 4, 2011

House spotting, The Muppet Show and rudie bits

It's been a while! This is the old post office in Windsor

I paid a visit to the Crepuscular exhibition at the City Gallery on my lunch break yesterday. As well as a display of stuffed creatures and owl wings, there was an aerial photo of the city and very inner suburbs from 2004 and my house was on it (not that it was my house in 2004). It wasn't quite as gleeful as the time I found a calendar with photos of Melbourne and my house was in the picture on the front cover (albeit very tiny).

Luke and I started watching The Muppet Show on DVD last night. Ah, memories. The first show features the famous Ma-na-ma-na segment. I think I might watch more tonight.

I bought a book yesterday called Carnal Knowledge which explains the etymology of the words we use to describe parts of the body (correct biology terminology a well as common phrases and slang). Yes, I admit that while looking at it in the shop, I flicked straight to Chapter 5: Below the Belt. C'mon, who wouldn't?

We are having a lovely winter so far. There was more blue sky and sunshine today - I walked to my osteopath appointment in a T-shirt (and jeans).

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