Saturday, June 25, 2011

Red balloons, new socks, tender lamb

Yesterday afternoon at work we were surprised by a flock of red balloons floating up past our 47th floor windows. There was a chorus of delight as they wafted upwards. (I think it was the launch of Red Nose Day). And no, I'm not sure if there were 99 red balloons.

New sports socks - the kind with full terry cushioning all around - are rather pleasing. So white. So soft. So cushiony.

I ate a delicious Hungarian lamb stew today. The meat was fall-apart tender and seasoned with exactly the right amount of spice. Very hearty and warming. Yum.

One of my online friends sent me an email this week with the most breathtaking black and white photos of African animals. While googling a link, I read that the photographer, Nick Brandt, doesn't use zoom or a telephoto lens. Woah! You can see a few of them here.

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