Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Winter's here

About 8.30 this morning

Happy first day of winter, Southern Hemisphereans! And what a glorious start to winter it was. Yes, it was icy, but the sky was blue and the sun shone and it was delightful. Sadly, I was confined to the office all day, but I see tomorrow is meant to be equally lovely.

I wore my furry earmuffs on the walk to and from work. My ears were toasty. In fact, they were sweaty by the time I'd reached my destination!

I set a new personal best in the Global Corporate Challenge yesterday - 21,496 steps! That's more than twice the target. I walked to work, took a 20 minutes stroll at lunch time, walked to the gym, did my 45 minute workout and then trudged home.  I also found out today that my daily step count puts me in the top 15% of the 126,000 participants. Go, me! I am also a whopping 417% more active than the average office worker.

Footsteps in the dew (not mine)

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