Thursday, June 9, 2011

Long weekend, parka weather, bird watching

Yay! My extra-long weekend is here! Luke and I are planning a day trip to Mt Macedon and Hanging Rock tomorrow, where the top temperature is only going to be around 9 degrees. Brrrr! But you know what this means? My puffy parka will get its first outing for the year. it should be a mostly fine day so I'm looking forward to giving my new camera a work out too.

On my walk this morning I saw a magpie toying with a wriggly worm (aka breakfast) it had pulled out of the ground. Tonight I spied a Nankeen Night Heron standing as still as a statue in the reeds on the river's edge. They are an odd looking bird.

Have I mentioned how much I love my warm flat? No? I love it a lot. It's so nice getting up to a warm flat and coming home to a warm flat. (It's an old building and we have no control over the heating. It seems to be on all the time, which I know isn't environmentally friendly, but what can I do? I do what I can for the environment on other ways).

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