Sunday, June 12, 2011

More fog, more sun, more signs

It was very foggy until nearly midday today.  I love fog, partly because it usually gives way to a clear sunny day, which is what happened today. It was yet another gorgeous winter's day. I took these photos from my flat.

The Nylex clock


The city begins to appear

I took this one just after leaving home. The fog cleared
before I got to the city

I skived off the gym today (I'm still sore from walking up Hanging Rock....that's my excuse anyway) and wandered into town, shedding my gloves and earmuffs as the exercise and sunshine warmed me. I saw a little girl in grungy Centre Place holding a large red balloon. Sadly there were too many people passing by for me to get a good shot. Dagnammit.

I picked up some old family photos I had scanned to CD. There's some great photos of my paternal grandfather, who died before my brother and I were born, and a nice one of my parents taken before I was born. There's also lots of cool photos of old cars. I plan to do something with them, I'm just not sure what yet. Some sort of collage, I think.

My grandfather Mick and old car

Then I poked around vintage clothing, homewares and book shops in the city and Brunswick, but only bought a photography book.

I had planned to be in the Carlton Gardens at sunset to take photos, but I didn't get there until it was dark and was pleasantly surprised to see the Hochgurtel fountain in full...spray? It looked spectacular lit up by spotlights. I suppose it must be on all the time now the drought is over. Yay.

I spotted some old signs in Brunswick.

Moran & Cato (a department store)

Moran & Cato Tea Warehouse - I saw this sign a few
months ago but forgot to take a photo

Off Fitzroy Street. I can't make out what it says

And look in the background of one of the old photos I had scanned! An ad for Robur Tea. (I don't know who the couple is or where it was taken.)

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