Friday, October 12, 2012

Astounded, self-assembly, Sydney

You'll never guess what happened to me today! I got a phone call from the bank near my work asking me if I took $50 out of the ATM on Monday. 

Me: Yes
Bank Lady: And did you leave the $50 in the machine?
Me: Yes
Bank Lady: A man has handed it in. I just had to go through the ATM records to find out who it belonged to.
Me: You. Are. Kidding, Me. 
Bank Lady: I shit you not* 

Can you believe that?! That man is the most honest person in the world. I wish he'd left his details so I could thank him. Bank Lady said it's happened before. Someone recently handed in $200 that had been left in the machine. Astounding. 

* Possibly not her exact words

Luke picked up our new bookcase this afternoon. He's almost finished assembling it as I type. I did some self-assembly of my own. I call it Foamiture.

It was kinda like making house of cards. (Does anyone still do that? Here's a how-to if you want to try).

I forgot that I'm meeting Mum in Sydney for Christmas and New Year's Eve. I've never been there for New Year's Eve, so that will be exciting (for those who don't know, Sydney has the most spectacular fireworks show in the country on NYE). We went to Sydney for Christmas about six years ago, so we've done most of the touristy things.  I'm compiling a list of other stuff to do. So far I have climbing the Sydney Harbour Bridge and the coastal walk from Bondi to Bronte, which passes Waverley Cemetery, which describes as "one of the world’s more scenic operational cemeteries".  


Andrew said...

Something that was surprisingly enjoyable that we did was catching the bus to Watsons Bay for lunch on a weekday. Catch the 325 for the best scenery and the most turning in narrow streets.

A place I want to see when we next visit is Balmoral Beach. The beach looks good and there is walk along an old disused tram line in a park.

Three Sparrows said...

hello there... just wanted to say a little hello from a new reader.. loving that there is someone out there that gets a kick from the little things in life {makes me feel a lil less dorky} - ana

Jayne said...

Thanks for the tips, Andrew. I think mum and I went to Watsons Bay/The Gap last time to see the Sydney to Hobart yachts go through the heads. It was really hot and crowded (as was the bus) so perhaps we'll go on a weekday instead.

Hello, Three Sparrows. All I can say is, DORKS OF THE WORLD, UNITE! And thank you for stopping by. :)