Monday, October 22, 2012

Queen of the Secretaries

I had to staple 42 lots of four documents at work because the printer was out of staples. (Life is just so hard sometimes.)  I checked how many staples were in my stapler and there was about 1.5cms worth of them. I stapled and stapled and stapled...and stapled and stapled and stapled and did not run out of staples. "That's weird," I thought, "I should have run out well before now". I flipped open my stapler and it was empty. I had checked it exactly after using the last one. I must have some kind of ESP with my stapler. 

Earlier when I was printing off the 42 copies of each document, I clicked on the little up arrow for the number of copies and watched the number whiz up and up and BAM! I stopped exactly on 42. And then BAM! I did it again!  I'm rocking this legal secretary  business. 

I went to the gym tonight, but only because I had an appointment to make sure I'm doing the exercises in my new program correctly. If it weren't for that, I would have gone straight home because I was exhausted. I dragged myself up the steps of the gym as if I were towing a small car behind me. Gah. I decided I'd just do my weights and go home. But then I thought, "Ah well, while I'm here..." and smashed out 30 minutes of pretty intense, super sweaty cardio. And then on my way out I skipped down the steps like this:

(Only I didn't bounce off anyone or stop to pee. Yes, I know I posted this video before, but it's so cute and funny you should watch it again.)

I realised (because Luke told me), that we're going to see The Black Keys on 31 October, not the 25th, which means we'll have to rush straight from the Bill Bryson lecture at the Town Hall to the Sidney Myer Music Bowl. Fortunately the lecture starts at 6.00pm, so we should be fine. Gonna be a big night. 

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Andrew said...

That is one very high spirited goat. Choose the quiet one as a pet.