Saturday, October 20, 2012

Plovers, daisies, Magic Lantern and Bill Bryson

A very pleasant day to walk into the city. Aaaah, spring. 

 The plovers are back again!

What's that over there?

I spy with my little eye...

 A (wonky) circle of daisies

 Make a wish...

 A different kind of daisy

I popped into the City Gallery for a squiz at the Melbourne Parks and Gardens through the Magic Lantern exhibition.  This picture and many others of Melbourne's public gardens in the early 1900s were taken from delicate glass slides made for a projector called a Magic Lantern (which is also on display). 

The slides were found in a storeroom at the Burnley School of Horticulture in 1975 and thought to have been used by the school's first principal, Carl Bogue-Luffmann, in his lectures. The school was established in 1891 and caused a stir for admitting women.  Bogue-Luffman said  in 1900 he "did not think horticulture is an affair of sex". He was waaaaaaaay ahead of his time. 

As I was passing the town hall I saw a sign promoting a free public lecture by Bill Bryson. BILL BRYSON! FREE PUBLIC LECTURE! The 16th Kenneth Myer Lecture, to be exact. Bill will be talking about "the most important and remarkable (and generally under-appreciated, even by scientists) things he learned about science while researching his book – A Short History of Nearly Everything".  The lecture is being presented by the Florey Institute of Neuroscience and Mental Health.  I sat down straight away in front of the town hall and registered online to attend.   Yay for smartphones., eh? 

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Bill Bryson booked! Thanks for the tip.