Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Back down the garden path

I walked home through the Botanic Gardens for the first time since daylight savings started. My camera got a work out, as usual. I made another video too (see right down below).


This flower is an absolute jaw-dropper. It's the only one 
on the bush and it's almost the size of a saucer. 
Anyone know what it is? It's in the Chinese  garden section. 

Huge leaf getting ready to unfurl...

...into one of these 

My photo doesn't really capture how lovely it is to stand
 under the canopy of this tree on a sunny afternoon

 Look at that root system! 

 Delicate little orchid 

I know these as dragon bells (or something like that)

 Veiny underside

 Another one of these flowers. What are they called? 
Something bonnets? 

Iris bud

And a purple one

And now for my (very amateurish) video. It was a little breezy, but this leaf was waving about like crazy. It must have wanted me to take its photo. Me! Me! Take my photo!    (Listen for the bell birds!)

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Gillian said...

gorgeous pics as always, what a lovely way to start and finish your day. The leaf did seem to be catching the breeze and wanting your attention....quite funny :-)