Thursday, October 4, 2012

Present, parrots, golden hour

The parcel from a friend that I have been eagerly awaiting finally arrived today. Hurrah! It's a copy of the new Nick Earls book called Word Hunters: The Curious Dictionary. Not only is it the latest work of one of my favourite authors, it's also signed by Nick and the illustrator, Terry Whidborne. As the title suggests, it's a novel about words. Two of my favourite things rolled into one.

It was sent by my friend Gillian, who's a real librarian. Nick and Terry came to her library and she very kindly got them to sign a copy of their new book for me. I'm very spoilt.

I'll have to take a break from the book I'm reading to devour Word Hunters. I'm reading the biography of Samuel Johnson I bought a little while back. I haven't read very much because it's kind of tedious and I'm disappointed to discover Johnson was, in today's parlance, a bit of a wanker.  I want to finish it though, but a break is welcome. 

I wore my new(ish) red shoes to work for the first time today. I got lots of compliments. 

I've been seeing a small flock of grass parrots on the way to work in the mornings. I saw them tonight on the way home and stopped to take a photo. 

I also saw a duck standing on water. 

Oh, all right; it was standing on a rock just below the surface. Thanks to me, the ducks that hang around beside the Yarra near Birrarung Marr must be among the most photographed ducks in Melbourne. I'm the duck paparazzi. The quackerazzi. 

The clouds were pretty as I was walking home in the golden hour. 

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missjane said...

Ooh; Word Hunters sounds cool. Have you read The Surgeon of Crowthorne? A little sensational, but quite good.