Friday, June 28, 2013

Busy, bonus, UK bound

Thursday was Bring a Giant 
Vegetable to Work day 

I've had a very busy week at work. I thought I would be stuck at work quite late finishing my bills, but I was out just before 6.00pm.  It's nice for the end of the financial year to fall on a Friday. 

I got a small pay increase and a bonus this week. Not as big an increase as I'd hoped for, but a few people at work have been made redundant, so I'm lucky. I know that I'm needed (even without the pay rise). My bosses emphasised the size of the increase didn't reflect their appreciation for my efforts, which I think explains the unexpected bonus. I'm going to put it towards upgrading my camera and a new pair of sneakers in time for my trip to the UK with Luke in August.  

I haven't mentioned much about the trip, have I?  We leave on 16 August and return in early September. Luke's daughter lives on the Isle of Wight and he visits her every August with his parents and this year I'm tagging along. Apart from London, we'll also be visiting other bits of England (the itinerary is a work in progress) and Paris. I've never been before. I'm researching cemeteries, libraries and trees to visit! Suggestions welcome. 

It's the white-faced heron again. When I first stopped to take this photo, it was actually looking at me. Normally it's focused on catching its breakfast when I see it. I expected it to take flight, but it only turned away. Maybe it's starting to get used to me? Or it's a different, less skittish, heron.


a work in progress said...

Cemeteries in Paris are amazing - Pere Lachaise you'll need a whole day (at least!) Graveyards in country towns in the UK are great too though - some are so incredibly old. Looking forward to seeing your pictures :) Will it be your first time meeting Luke's daughter?

piggywhistles said...

How exciting! I hope you keep up your blog while you are away. I loved the Cotswolds. Beautiful thatched roofs.