Monday, June 10, 2013

Catching up: part III (ghost signs)

Here is an assortment of ghost signs I've spotted while out and about over the past few weeks. 

The Big Store, Wattle Street, Prahran (off Chapel)

The Big Store again 

I think this is the building opposite The Big Store on Wattle Street

An accidental reveal on the verandah of Dragonfly Flowers 
on Chapel Street, Windsor


Sands & McDougall Pty Ltd, Printers and Lithographers, 
Spencer Street, West Melbourne

I went for a walk on my lunch break on a sunny day this week and found these old signs. There's signs on the back of the building, which I've photographed before, but I don't think I've passed the front of the building in daylight before. 

The side

Painted over signs on an old shop front, Bridge Road, Richmond 

An old paint shop, most likely. This side says "Butrex full gloss"

And this side: "Revelite flat, semi gloss, full gloss

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