Thursday, June 20, 2013

Sunshine, walks, old signs revealed

Although it's been chilly the last two days, it's been gloriously sunny. I've made the most of the sun by taking myself off for brisk walks at lunchtime. 

Yesterday I walked up Bourke Street and through Docklands. I saw this old sign (which you can see has been repainted) near the corner of Bourke and Spencer. I might have taken photos of it before, because I remember taking photos of other signs in the area. But anyway, it's a good 'un.   

Moo! Help me! Moo!

Today I walked along Flinders Street to Spencer Street and crossed to the south side of the river . I spotted this fantastic triple-whammy ghost sign reveal on Flinders Street, not far from Spencer. The old signs have come to light thanks to the demolition of the building next to the old Markillies Hotel. 

 Polly Woodside

Told you it was sunny

 A fantastic spot to spend a sunny lunchtime in winter. 
Shame I couldn't stop

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Deidre said...

The cow in the tree is one of my favourite melbourne art installations - did you read the sign about it? It makes me laugh every time.