Monday, June 17, 2013

Seedy, MOO, creaky

Morell Bridge by night

I forgot to mention I also made sesame and sunflower seed butter yesterday. I was ambivalent about the flavour when I sampled it after I made it, but after another taste test tonight, I gave it the thumbs up. It tastes good and smells deliciously nutty, and it's very easy to make. 

I've made quite a lot of recipes from Pinterest now. I like to think this justifies the amount of time I waste spend on there. 

I had drinks and food at the Money Order Office with Bertie and Lauren on Friday night. The Money Order Office, which is in a basement behind the GPO, has an interesting history. According to the MOO website, not only did it house the GPO's money order facilities, but from 1933 to 1970 it was the office of Prime Ministers such as Robert Menzies. The front door came from Buckingham House (later Buckingham Palace) and dates back to the early 1700s. Had I known, I would have taken a photo of it. When Bertie and I were walking down the stairs, the door was slowly creaking open like the front door of a haunted mansion. 

I did take a photo of an old sign in the stairwell though. 

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Pinterest is addictive!!