Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Sunday ghost signs and other stuff

This little car - a Messerschmidt KR200 - was quite
 an attention grabber on Brunswick Street on Sunday

Catching some late afternoon sun 

Jointy yellow door 

Off Smith Street, Collingwood
(think I've blogged this before...)

Tre-sur Knitting Mills, across the road from the sign above

Manufacturers of LADIES...

...teenage and CHILDRENS


And a bonus old OFFICE sign, with just-visible
  old phone number

Not a painted sign and I have definitely blogged this before

It's the sign of the former MacRobertson's confectionery company in Fitzroy - officially MacRobertson's Steam Confectionery Works.  I've written about its founder, Macpherson Robertson before too.  His factory - which expanded to fill a whole block in Fitzroy - was painted all white inside and his employees wore white uniforms. It was nicknamed the Great White City. Mac himself was known to sport a white suit and hat, often a Stetson. 

He was a remarkable Melburnian - a self-made man, eccentric and philanthropist. He died in 1945, but he left his mark on Melbourne with a bridge and a girl's school named after him (which he funded).  There's also part of Antarctica  - Mac.Robertson Land - named in his honour after he funded a joint British, Australian and New Zealand expedition there in 1928. 

He introduced chewing gum and fairy floss to Australia and created the Freddo frog and Cherry Ripe chocolate treats. Less happily, he was also the driver of the car which caused Melbourne's first road death in 1905, although he was cleared of culpability. 

Anyway, onto more signs: 

Also Smith Street

Not sure what sort of shop it was, but it seems they
 didn't want riff-raff streaming through the doors...

 Just off Victoria Street, Abbotsford

 Ideal Box factory, Rokeby Street, Abbotsford

Truck body builders, and very old phone number. 
Also Rokeby Street  

Just off Hoddle Street, Abbotsford

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