Saturday, November 16, 2013

Day 16: Discovered, undiscovered

I only spotted these gargoyle-esque figures on
a building on Flinders Lane for the first time 
on Friday (I think it was Ross House)

While I was getting my hair coloured at the salon today I read an article in Slate called Amazing Animals You Never Knew Existed

The photos in the article are from Ross Piper's book Animal Earth: The Amazing Diversity of Living Forms. The pictures are great, but the thing that amazed me most was this: 
Humans have cataloged as many as 1.5 million species of animals, and Piper said there may be as many as 200 million more species still undiscovered. “We know a great deal more about the surfaces of barren moons in space than we do about our own planet..."
As many as 200 million! Not big mammals wandering about the plains and forests obviously, but still... I find that mind blowing. 

I had delicious smashed avocado on toast with feta, bacon and a poached egg for brunch today. Accompanied by far less din than last week's brunch, but we were sitting outside. 

I wore my new boots. They're very comfortable - not even the merest hint of a pinch or rub. 


Lindy said...

Thanks for the tip on the book. I am going to order it for my daughter for Christmas.

Deidre said...

What I find even more amazing than that (if by amazing I mean scary...) is that living things are going extinct all the time...and if there are millions of things that we don't even KNOW about will we know if they're gone?