Saturday, November 2, 2013

NaBloPoMo Day 2: Down Canadian Bay way

The city from Canadian Bay

As predicted. today was warm and sunny. Luke and I drove down to Mornington, stopping at Canadian Bay on the way to poke about in the rock pools along the beach.  I like the name Canadian Bay, probably because of the rhyme. Canay-dian Bay. (I don't know why it's called Canadian Bay and I'm too keen to go to bed to google it now). 

We didn't find much in the rock pools - mostly snails, but I did find a of these. I forget what it is.

 Is it an urchin of some kind? It's got spiky bits on it, 
mostly on the bottom half

And then Luke spotted one in the shallows nestled among the seaweed. 

I saw a ghost sign in Mordialloc while we were stopped at the traffic lights, but only had a second to take a photo before the light turned green. 

I saw some other, better signs as we passed by in the car today... I've taken dozens of photos of old signs over the past few months, but I've finally decided to start a dedicated blog for them. I think I'll still post the really good ones here though. 

I bought a drink today and had the exact change in my wallet (not counting the French Polynesian coin I got in change somewhere). I like when that happens.

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Deidre said...

I have never heard of Canadian bay! I do like rock pools though. Welcome back to blogging.