Saturday, November 9, 2013

Day 9: A delicious din and surprise flower

We went to a new place for brunch today - Moth to a Flame on Swan Street in Richmond. It was so noisy I felt like I had supersonic hearing. People laughing, crashing cutlery and crockery in the open kitchen, a banging door and coffee machine noise combined to make me never want to come back, even before my meal arrived. But dammit! My blueberry pancakes with lemon curd, creme fraiche and citrus sugar were scrumptious, and my hot chocolate was just about perfect too. There were several other dishes on the menu that took my fancy so I might just endure the cacaphony again. 

I'm also going to make my own lemon curd and citrus sugar. I love lemony things. 

My spathiphyllum is growing a flower, which is most unexpected because a few months ago the poor thing was so sickly I thought it was going to die. Once I realised what was wrong with it I managed to revive it, but I didn't think it would flower again because they can be finicky about flowering at the best of times.   

Luke is on the way home with kebabs for dinner. Yum. I'm starving. 

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