Friday, August 26, 2016


I had an impromptu wander around my neighbourhood this afternoon on my way home from yoga and an osteopath appointment. I spotted a beautiful white magnolia tree on Park Street and stopped to take a photo and it went from there. 

 Winter dining - blankets provided

 Entrecote on Domain Road, South Yarra

 Verandah seat. Millswyn Street, I think

 Lovely row of terrace houses, also Millswyn Street

 Beautiful entranceway

 Spring is springing. Magnolias are blooming all over the place

 Verandah pot

 Wimmera Bakery, an old building on Millswyn 
Street that's now a residence

 Ghost sign - engineer and panel beater - on St Martin Place 

When life gives you lemons

 I LOVE this art deco front window on Millswyn Street

The aforementioned white magnolia, Park Street

Now that's a fence post, also Park Street

I walked about 14,000 steps and then I came home and got into bed - yoga + osteo + 14,000 steps = sore body. 

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Andrew said...

Great streets to walk. There used to be three houses side by side in Park Street with white magnolias. Renovations to houses saw two disappear.