Friday, August 5, 2016

Bus stop cat, nap, Brisbane - day 2

Remember this fluffy ginger cat I patted on the way home a few weeks ago? Today I walked past its house again and it was sitting at the bus stop - actually sitting on the seat beside a woman who was waiting for the bus. She said it's not her cat, but it often sits at the bus stop and its even tried to get on the bus a few times! Funny kitty. 

I did a yoga class this morning. I wasn't sure how I'd go because my abs were sore from previous exercise efforts, and I felt weary after walking most of the way to the class (30 minute walk). But I did well - it was challenging, but not too hard - and I liked it. I'll go back (even though it means I don't get a Friday sleep in).

I walked all the way home from yoga which meant I had done 11,200 steps by about 12.30. I was rather sore and worn out. I couldn't resist a nap, and it was awesome. I cannot adequately describe how much I love my bed. 

Back to my holiday! On my second day in Brisbane, I met Gillian. It was weird because it was a little like meeting someone new, but mostly like catching up with someone you know. It felt normal, but also surreal to finally be in the same place after 10 years of being friends.

We went to Old Government House for the Miss Fisher's Murder Mysteries Costume Exhibition. I don't watch the show, but I've see enough to know the clothes are stunning - as indeed they were. Gillian and I were 'oohing' and 'aahing' all over the place. 


We weren't allowed to touch the costumes, but it was SO hard not to. I'm very tactile - I love to feel fabrics, and these fabrics were all so beautiful - silky, filmy and floaty, ornately beaded and sequined, and even a bit of faux furriness. Many costumes were displayed with sample fabrics - I could have run the silky, chiffony fabrics through my fingers all day. 

 A swimsuit from an Ethel Mermanesque scene

The descriptions of how the costumes were made were fascinating. Some are vintage and some new, and some are a mix - for example, new fabrics with vintage lace trims.   Some things were dyed and manipulated in other ways. There was also a mix of original and new jewellery and accessories. They were sourced from all over - some donated, some from the head costume designer's own collection, some from vintage stores. 

Some costumes turned out not to be suitable - like the a gauzy nightwear-style jacket that was to be worn by Miss Fisher in a scene with a tarantula, but the spider, being rather hairy, got caught in the fabric. I bet Essie Davis enjoyed having to get changed and do that scene again.


The exhibition included a mock up of designer Marion Boyce's workroom, which had work benches covered in all sorts of bits n bobs - beads and lace and fabrics, but still we couldn't touch! There was a video showing Marion at work - she didn't even use patterns; she just cut up a piece of fabric freehand and bam! A gorgeous dress!  (You can get a better look at the Miss Fisher costumes and Marion's other work here.)

I left the exhibition wishing I could be a costume designer (alas my sewing skills extend to hems and buttons). 

After the exhibition, Gillian and I strolled through the Botanic Gardens, which are right on the edge of the CBD.  

 Lizard, hanging out on the steps, eating bugs

 African Sausage Tree (really!)

 Pretty pink tree (a tabebuia, I learnt via google)

Big old tree

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Andrew said...

Gillian was someone you knew from the net, but met for the first time? Seems like you got along well enough.