Monday, August 1, 2016

Mysteriously lighthearted and Brisbane - day 1

I went back to work today and it was wet and miserable, but I was mysteriously lighthearted. It was probably partly because my boss is on holidays for two weeks. That's always good for the spirits (even though he's a great boss and I know how lucky I am). 

I went back to pilates tonight after a couple of weeks off. It was good to be back - my body needed it. The instructor is always so cheerful, which makes me cheerful too (obviously I'm not one of those people who's annoyed by the perpetually cheery). 

Oh, my holiday!  This is what Melbourne looked like on the day I left: 

 From the top deck, front row of the Skybus

And this is what Brisbane looked like when I arrived. It was about 28 degrees! I felt like I'd flown to a whole other country, not just interstate! There were people in bikinis and boardies all over the place (including in my face as I ate lunch at a cafe).

Streets Beach, Southbank

I spent the afternoon and early evening wandering into the city and back again via the Brisbane River. I love how the CBD is perched right on the river and there are boats moored practically at the doorstep of city office towers. 

From the Wheel of Brisbane (London Eye imitation)

 Eagle Street Pier

 Cute cottage near where I  stayed

To be continued...

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