Saturday, August 20, 2016

Old signs and cute cottages in Seddon

That one yard in the neighbourhood...

Luke and I went west for brunch today, to the inner western suburb of Seddon, which is tucked between Footscray and Yarraville. We had a nice meal (with friendly service) at a Spanish cafe called Lola and then a wander around the streets...well, actually a drive because the wind was too icy for wandering on foot.

I might have mentioned before that we're a bit snobby (which I should be ashamed of, being a working class bogan from the bush, but I can't help it). We've never lived in the western suburbs and we've never want to live in the western suburbs because....well, it's the western suburbs. 

But let me tell you, Seddon is delightful. DE-lightful. We were utterly charmed by its streets of beautifully renovated little cottages with bullnose verandahs edged with intricate iron lacework. We drove along,  looking from side to side, exclaiming, "Oooh, that one's nice!" "Look at those windows!" "Oh, they're all so cute!" "IT'S ALL SO PRITTEEEEEE!" (Those last two were me.) I even liked the few the unrenovated ones because I like urban decay too.  (I didn't take many photos because I wasn't on foot.) 

We liked Seddon so much that when we got home we looked online at places to rent in the area, but sadly there were very few in our price range. Boo. (Not that we're looking to move now, but we'll have to sooner or later because the flats in out building are being progressively renovated and then rented at much higher prices.)

There was also some stellar ghost signage in Seddon and surrounds.  

 ETA peanut butter...makes you glad you're hungry 

The ETA sign has been retouched (regrettably, in my opinion), but the others haven't, probably because time has revealed two signs on top of each other  ('Grocer' up the top and 'TJ Cawthorn' underneath), which I'm guessing would be a trickier restoration job.  

 Drink Cinzano

I was pretty chuffed when I saw the Yarra Coffee Palace sign above. I got Luke to pull over and then I was thrilled to see this on the side of the same building: 

Temple Bar Tobacco...Mild & Mellow


Andrew said...

Thanks for the photos and details of Seddon. Now I don't have to go there. While not at all historic, I rather like Altona Village area.

Anonymous said...

The building with ETA sign, used to be owned by my late grandfather, Thomas James Cawthorn. The store was operated by him and my Grandmother since early 1900. I always stayed there at weekends from my home in Malvern as a young boy. We left there in 1956 when my grandfather passed away, I was 12 yrs old.
I do remember the old bushels tea signs and frequently touched them up as they began to fade.
I was so surprised to see this blog, how wonderful, thank you
John Cawthorn
Benalla Vic

Nicola Tyndale-Biscoe said...

Hi JC,my family and I are the current owners of your Grandfathers house (4 Alexander Street Seddon) which we bought in 1996 . Our children grew up in the house and we loved the place- but sadly we are selling it now. How wonderful to hear your memories. Ive heard stories from older Seddon residents - that it was originally a lumber yard (1880's-?) - with the neighbouring two properties on one title and then it was subdivided & the Edwardian residence was built on the back. Is that what you remember?
I would love to hear more of your recollections; my number is 0434 539 208, email

Jayne: sadly we had to retouch the sign after a graffiti 'artist' wrote CAROT in 2 metre high letters across the delicate peeling paintwork of the sign!