Sunday, August 14, 2016

Spring is imminent, and a day out

Bright sunshine, blooming lavender

It gladdens my heart to see signs of spring appearing. Magnolias are in bloom, shrubs are budding and I saw a bee the other day. Today I was out and about with sunshine on my bare arms. It was delightful.   

Luke and I were treated to a day out at the football at the MCG yesterday courtesy of his work. It included lunch and afternoon tea in the Premiership Club, a tour down to the boundary of the hallowed turf during the team warm up and tickets to the game. 

 Luke and me boundary riding

 Me relaxing on the interchange bench

My team, North Melbourne, played and lost to the reigning premiers, Hawthorn, but it was still a fun day out. Free food and booze is always appreciated and I haven't been to the footy in years.

The stadium was only half full, but that still means we were sitting in a crowd of 50,000 people. It's a pretty amazing atmosphere, even when your team is losing. 

Football selfie with freshly coloured quiff

Yes, I know I haven't finished blogging about my Queensland holiday yet. I've been busy spending time with Luke upon his return from overseas and being too tired for blogging. 

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Andrew said...

Personal life is a priority over blogging. I think your hair is terrific.