Saturday, January 22, 2011

Exploring, book love, pencil sniffing

Puffy heart-shaped chip!

I've had a good day today. After a nice sleep-in (during which I dreamt about a Barrel of Monkeys*) I went to Sydney Road, Brunswick for a wander. I haven't really explored that precinct much before and I decided it was time to change that today. It was a perfect day for adventuring -  sunny and warm, but with a refreshing cool breeze.

I love the old shops along the street and the residences above them, especially the ones with  the balconies overlooking the street.

I went into the Brunswick Bound bookshop and fell instantly in love with a book called One: Living as one and loving it, by Sydneysider Victoria Alexander.  I had to have it; the design is just gorgeous - thick matt paper with uneven scalloped edges, fabulous photos on every page, little pockets with removable quotes in them and a large pocket at the back for keepsakes - and I feel like it's the book I need right now. (All the other books on my to-be-read pile will just have to wait.) I even love the way it smells.

I had a Lebanese sausage pizza for a late lunch (yum) and people watched as I ate it at a table on the footpath. The little white dog of the men next to me turned its gaze on me when it got no tidbits from their table.

I poked around in clothing, discount and second hand shops. I had a delicious smoothie.

Coming home on the tram,  the driver made me smile when he said, 'Good afternoon ladies and gentlemen. My name is Daniel and I will be your driver today.'

I stopped at the supermarket on the way home for supplies. I sniffed the coloured pencils in the back to school display (I love that smell). I nearly bought a bottle of bubbles (not the alcoholic kind) after picturing myself lying on my back in the gardens blowing bubbles into the blue sky. I might make my own....

I have the flat to myself tonight. I watched New York, I Love You on DVD (*wistful sigh*) and fixed myself a couple of vodka tonics with fresh lime. How fantastic do fresh limes smell? Divine.

I'm about to have a nice hot shower and climb wearily into bed with a cool breeze blowing in my bedroom window. *happy sigh*

*pointless aside: I still have my Barrel of Monkeys from when I was a kid.  

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