Monday, January 24, 2011


Reading in the Treasury Gardens

I'm excited to be taking a little jaunt into regional Victoria on the Australia Day public holiday this Wednesday. I decided it would be nice to do something with the day off rather than sleeping until 11.00am, so I'm catching the train to Castlemaine, which I'm is (I'm told) a lovely little town with cafes, galleries, shops, an old theatre, botanic gardens, walks and a lot of gold mining history.

Visiting three towns in regional Victoria that I've never been to before is one of the things on my list of 101 Things To Do before I'm 40. I've been through Castlemaine many times, but never to it, so I am counting it as the first of  the three towns.  Yay. I'm looking forward to fresh photographic pastures too.

I took a little sojourn on my way home today too. I'm hoping injecting a little novelty into work days might help them seem less dreary and a teeny tiny bit more like a weekend, so today I walked home through the Treasury and Fitzroy Gardens, and the back streets of Richmond. I bought mixed lollies at the Rowena Parade Corner Store and wandered little streets I've never ventured into before. (Due to enthusiastic sub-dividing in the olden days, Richmond has a lot of little streets.) The walk home took twice as long as usual, but it was a sunny afternoon, I like the exercise and love exploring my neighbourhood.

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