Thursday, January 13, 2011

Raindrops on...everything

I walked home in the light rain tonight via the Botanic Gardens. There's something quite lovely about a garden in the rain, all shiny leaves, glistening droplets...and stairway waterfalls.

And look at these massive leaves!

Here's one pictured with my work security pass to give perspective.  HUGE!

I was quite soggy by the time I got home, but I didn't mind.


All the time in the world... said...

thanks for your comment love (^.^). Totally agree.. you've given me inspiration for a post to come I think...! Botanical so lovely. I'm going to the Wellington one tonight for a band and cider (^.^)

Fantastic Forrest said...

So glad you posted it with the pass to give perspective. Amazing how large those leaves are!!!