Thursday, January 27, 2011

Novelty, surprise Thursday, comfy

Today's pretend-it's-the-weekend novelty was taking myself for dinner and a movie. I had a quick bite at one of those cheap but tasty Japanese places on Swanston Street (which I frequent often) and then saw Catfish at the Kino.

The meal was satisfying; the movie less so, but it was novel, and that's the important bit.

Oh, wait

I seriously kept thinking today was Monday, so I was pleased every time I managed to get my addled brain around it being Thursday and, more importantly, tomorrow being Friday.


I nearly always wear high heels to work, but today I wore ballet flats because my feet are sore from so much walking yesterday* and they were so comfy. SO comfy. I'm not sure I can go back to heels...which means I'll need to have all my work pants taken up and lose a few kilos because heels really do elongate you.

* Jayne goes to Castlemaine post still to come. It's too late for me to start it now.

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Becca said...

I'm inspired by your 'pretend it's the weekend novelties'. Anything to make the working week feel more relaxing and enjoyable sounds good to me!

It's also good to be a reader of yours again :) I kind of abandoned blog-reading for a while (unwillingly, I hasten to add!), so I've got lots of catching up to do!