Monday, March 7, 2011

Another remarkable tree, jigsaw, like minds my friend Anthony sent me his photos from the Melbourne Club garden open day a few weeks ago. This is the enormous old London Plane tree in the corner of the garden. Guess what?  This tree is also in Australia's Remarkable Trees! It was planted in 1895. It's a shame the public can only enjoy its shade once a year when the posh private club opens its garden gate to the masses.

I forgot to tell you about the New York jigsaw puzzle! Look at the suitcase it comes in! One of my readers, Marg, sent me a link to it and I had to have it. I hope I can find the space to put together a 1000-word puzzle...

I heard comedian Mark Watson talking on the radio this morning about the simple pleasure of having exactly the right change to pay for your purchase, which is something I have waxed gleefully about here.  I like the way he thinks!

Speaking of money, I got an English 50p piece in my change somewhere in the last day or so. Waaaaait a minute. That's not a 50 cent coin!

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Shelley L. Snyder said...

That looks like an amazing tree! Like you said, it's sad they don't let everyone enjoy its shade every day.

That looks like an amazing puzzle. Love that suitcase it comes in!