Saturday, March 5, 2011

Lamb, matching and Wagons

The dinner I cooked for my friend on Wednesday was yummy. The lamb...oh, the lamb! *drools lavishly like Homer Simpson*. It was tender and delicious and the roased tomatoes were sweet and juicy. Oh, the company was also rather good.  I bought some more lamb fillets today. If they weren't so expensive I'd eat them every day. Sker-rumptious.

Last night I went to see one of my fave bands - yes, Wagons  - with my friend Luke (his first time seeing them live). Five minutes after we met up, I noticed we were dressed almost exactly the same in blue jeans, khaki shirts and black jackets! Haha. It's funny when that a slightly embarrassing way. Maybe I need to dress more like a girl? In my defence, my shirt was more of a shirt dress.

We had a nice Mexican dinner  - and I had a very tasty lemon margarita  - then headed to The Corner for the show. It wasn't the best gig of theirs I've seen, but it was still great. Henry was entertaining as always. I was rapt to hear they have finally recorded one of most popular live covers, a song called Willie Nelson, which always goes off. It will be on their new album coming out in May. Cannot wait. This video doesn't even do Willie Nelson justice.

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Shelley L. Snyder said...

I've only had lamb twice. Once up here in Canada, and once when I was in Melbourne. I loved it both times. It's not something I ever think of to get myself, but when I do eat it, I tell myself I should.

Glad you had a great evening with your friend.