Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Graveyard Train, hidden, perforated

Graveyard Train was fantastic at the Spiegeltent tonight! I loved it. Not as much as I loved Wagons when I first heard them play, but still quite a lot. There's seven guys singing (often in a man-choir fashion) foot-stomping country songs about death, mortality, mummies, monsters and ghosts, accompanied by slide guitar, steel guitar, banjo, a washboard, harmonica and double bass. Oh, and the hammer and chain. Yep, one band member's primary instrument is a big chain which he whacks with a hammer. Quite effective.

It was an appreciative (and extremely varied) crowd and a lovely venue.  I just downloaded their latest album and I'm listening to it now.

My boss took me out for lunch today to celebrate me becoming a permanent employee. We went to Tokyo Teppanyaki, which is down a corridoor in a building next to the Athenaeum Theatre on Collins Street. I had no idea it was even there! How very Melbourne... 

This afternoon I helped make up the name tags for attendees at a seminar at work tomorrow, which involved tearing along many perforated lines. I find tearing along perforations very pleasing.

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