Sunday, March 6, 2011

Bubbles, rhubarb pills, bagels and beautiful trees

Well, that was a fun weekend *dusts off hands* I've been over at the Botanic Gardens again blowing bubbles with my choc-chip-cookie scented bubble mix. This time it was at twilight and the softer light seemed to really make the bubbles shine with irridescent colour. So preeeeety...but fleeting. I always want to take photos of them, but they pop before you get a chance...or the friend you're with runs about popping them like a gleeful child.

My friend also got me to spin round and round while looking straight up into the air (to "test my balance". Pffft.) Of course I very quickly got dizzy, lost my balance and fell over on the duck poo. Lovely. But it was funny.

I cooked lamb fillets again. So tender and tasty. Yummy scrummy in my tummy.

Today was pretty much spent in search of bagels. I discovered there is now a Glick's bakery near South Melbourne market so we set off on foot in the sunshine to get some. On the way we passed this awesome building on Cecil Street with much of its original sign writing still visible. Look at it! I was in old sign heaven! This is probably my favourite example of old signage so far.

Top hat cough? WTH? Oh! Stop that cough...
with Dr Scott's Balsam Horehound

Marchalls Rhubarb Pills - for the liver

Use J King self-raising flour

When we got to Glick's it was closed, dammit, but we were determined to have bagels so we decided to walk to the Elsternwick bakery instead. It was rather a long way, but it was a nice day, the path was quite shady and it meant going past a bookstore on Clarendon Street that I'd seen last Sunday selling a copy of Australia's Remarkable Trees, marked down from $65 to $20! It was closed then, but not today! That book is mine. It's a beautifully photographed guide to the country's biggest, oldest and most unusual trees.

Eventually we arrived at Glick's, hungry, thirsty and footsore (me, anyway),  and ate five bagels between us. Hey, we'd really worked up an appetite with all that walking. I had a look in my book to see if my favourite tree, the Golden Elm on the corner of Punt Road and Alexandra Avenue, was among Australia's remarkable trees, and it is! Yay! We visited it on the way home.

There's also another tree, an Algerian Oak, in the Royal Botanic Gardens in the book too. I'll have to go and find it. 

Here's my post-bagel straw moustache. Just because.  


Andrew said...

In Australian parks we tend to shape our elm trees. Of course when they are in streets they need to be shaped too. The Punt Road elm is not touched, as are many in England. I think the Punt Road elm not being touched is what makes it special. Holding a straw between your nose and upper lip is a very special talent. How much can one pout?

Shelley L. Snyder said...

Sounds like an awesome day!