Saturday, May 14, 2011

Amelie, rainy morning

I watched the whimsical French movie Amelie last night. It was the second time I've seen it, but the first since I started writing this blog.

My friend Si said he found it much sadder on the second viewing and I did too - but I also connected with it on a deeper level this time because of its preoccupation with the simple pleasures that bring joy to its characters (including the cat who likes overhearing children's stories). In fact, Amelie actively cultivates  "a taste for small pleasures". ..dipping her hand into sacks of grain, cracking the tops of creme brulee with a teaspoon and skipping stones on the canal. I watched it thinking, "Wow, this is kinda like a cute, French movie version of my blog!".

I also love the themes of performing acts of kindness for others and taking a risk to connect with another person and, of course, it's funny, quirky and visually beautiful.

I woke up to heavy rain this morning and stayed in bed for an hour. Aaaah. Lovely.

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