Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Globetrotting, early, surprise lamb

I'm gonna walk around the world! OK, not actually. I've signed up to participate in the Global Corporate Challenge, a three-month walk-a-thon to aid charity and increase physical activity. You wear a pedometer everywhere, every day and log your steps (aiming for 10,000 a day), and they track your team's distance on a map of the world.  

I'm assuming it won't be too much of a challenge for me given I walk a lot anyway. I might as well do it for a cause and 'see' the world while I'm doing it, eh? I'm curious to see how far I walk in a day given that my job is not particularly sedentary, even though I'm a desk jockey.

I get to leave work before 4.00pm tomorrow. Yay. The downside is that I'm starting at 7.30am to greet clients as they arrive for a seminar my boss is running. I might have mentioned I'm not good at mornings...but I will get to see the sunrise and I've enjoyed helping to organise the seminar. 

I like it when I think I've eaten every morsel of tasty, tasty lamb in my casserole but then I find another surprise piece.

Tonight at the gym when I looked at the monitor on my exercise bike, most of the readings (heart rate, time, distance, calories etc) ended in '34'.

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