Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Word nerdery, fog blanket, tender

I got a little word nerd thrill when I saw the name of the exhibition at the City Gallery now. Crepuscular! Awesome! It means pertaining to or resembling twilight - in this context it refers to animals that are mostly active at dawn and dusk. And because I'm a super word nerd, I must point out that, specifically, animals active at dawn are matutinal and those that come out at dusk are verspertine. I love the word vespertine. It gives me goosebumps.

The last couple of mornings have been foggy in Melbourne. Unfortunately the fog  cleared by the time I surfaced (I like foggy mornings), but yesterday when I looked out the window of my 47th floor kitchen at work, I could see a thick blanket of fog still covering the eastern suburbs. It was strange and beautiful.

I cooked my chicken to perfection last night and tonight. Tender and succulent. Yum.

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Andrew said...

I had a look at the Crepuscular Exhibition. It only takes ten minutes and it is interesting enough. I brought home the booklet and I saw my partner mouthing the word to get the pronunciation.